This is a short Video to show how to remove the env file from Twisted Brush. Removing this file may help on the rare occasion when Twisted Brush will not open properly.

Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk. 


This short Video shows what the diffrent controls do for Filter Number A038.

The filter can move a layer left/right, up/down. It can also resize and rotate the layer. In addidtion the filter can duplicate the layer and flip both the layer and the duplicate independently of each other. It is quite a useful filter for making boarders and freezes using clips but I hope  you will find other things to use is for as well.



Moving a page.

In this video tutorial I have mover a page from one instance of TB to another. Although both instances are on the same computer, the same process applies when moring a page from one computer to another.

Please be aware that I recommend backing up you books before trying this, just in case something goes wrong.  



Installing TB Filter Sets 

Each set of filters is complete. If you have already installed an earlier set of my filters, I would reccomend removing them before installing a newer set. All my filters start with the letter "A" and are thus easy to recognize, just select them all and drag them to the wast bin.