Five banks of textures, all 600x600 seamless, which can be modified with filters, combined and layered to create a wide range of other textures.

 You do not need Twisted Brush if you do not have it or do not want to down load the freeware version.  After extracting the banks, just copy and paste the xx.bmp files  and  leave the xxt.bmp files.

I use clips like these to create branches and flower beds as well as using them for single leaves/flowers.

I have not included Normal Maps with these clips because they would become redundent as soon as the clips were combined or arranged into branches or flower beds.

To make the Normal Maps (I also use the same process for Bump Maps) I often split the image into RGB, HSL or CMYK channels. This allows me to extract veins, or other features and modify them seperatly before recombining them into a new image, I can, for example, seperate out the veins in a leaf  and modify them before recombing so that the normal map will treat them as a depresion in the leaf surface. (Right click on image and save to you hard drive for reference).

Copy Files to you computer and unzip. Navigate to your Tristed Brush Folder (see image for typical directory root) and copy & past. If needs be, you can renumber the Banks before pasting into TB.  [14.09Mb]  [12.07Mb]  [13.96Mb]  [13.12Mb]  [13.71Mb]