These Filters have been Updated on the 19 June 2010

Please remove all old filters from your script folder and replace with new filters

On this page you will find anumber of Twisted Brush Sccript Filters.

The Zip File includes filters for seperating various channels and converting them to Greyscale images. These can then be layered  and recombined to alter the image or to bring out detail ,they can also help to make Bump Maps and Normal Maps (Normal Map Script Filter Coming Soon). There is also a Seamless Blur and Script Filters to help with make motifs, textures and paterns.

All these Scripts work with Twisted Brush V17, most, if not all should work with older versions of TB but I have not tried them.

The usual disclamers apply. Use at yor own risk!!!

If you have problems or need help with these scripts I will do my best, but I have only just started programing and I have lots to learn. Any other technical questions or problems should be directed at the TB forum.

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Examples of motifs made using the Line and Smooth Silhouette Script Filters. 

Example of Straight Edged Blur with and without High Banding. Please Note; This filter is quite slow at the best of times and very slow when the banding is set to high. The Gaussian Blur has been included there for comparison. 
Gaussian Blur 

Straight Edged Blur 

Straight Edge Blur with high banding