21 July 2011

Please note:

1) Some of these filters were made with version 18.07 and may not work with older versions of Twisted Brush.

2) You do not need to down load Book250, however a few filters either directly or indirectly require these pages. if you do not need the brick textuer making filters, you will not need to down load this book.

3) Again, you do not need to down load the documentation but it will help get the most out of these filters.

Please visit :-    http://pixarra.invisionzone.com/forum/20-community-forums/  for details of the latest version.

book250.zip  [2.79Mb]

27 July 2011. Here is a TB file of  images. Each layer shows an example of a filter. None of the examples have any post work done to them, they are all exactly as the filter produced them.

Some of these examples are of filters that are still in development and have not been released yet. One of the reasons for producing these examples was to give me the chance to look for bugs and problems. I  found that a number of the filters need a some tweeking!! Dispite the bugs and short falls these filters still seam to work quite well and I think that they show off just how powerful the TB filter system is. 

Hope you find these textures useful.

Regards Bishka

Here are some short Videoes. You will need to down load them and play them from Windows Media Player.

The Marble Filter is in development as the moment (27July2011) but the video dose show how to use the HSL Invert ,Shift, Span Filter.

The Celluler Noise Filter is demonstrated, though it can do more than this little video shows.

The Bandpass Filter is also demonstrated in a very short video, it can be used to create Black on White images or for creating masks. and lastly, the Rotate, Resize Reposition and Duplicate Filter is demonstrated, it does nothing that can not be done in other ways, it is ment as a work flow tool, bring together four commonly used tool under one interface where they can be used conjointly.


As always, I hope you find these Videoes helpful


Regards Bishka 


RRRD Filter.zip  [7.08Mb]