This Page is dedicated to my currant Cinema 4D Project Robot Wars (This is just a Working Tital)

Here you can find test renders and info on the project and how it is progressing.

I first conceived the idea about three years ago. I started fleshing out these ideas but put them on hold in order to do The Jailer, a project I have now finished. So I am now ready to resurrect Robot Wars.

I like SiFi provided it does not take itself too seriously, and this is how I intend to approach RW (Robot Wars). The story line is quite simple. A Company of Android salvage hunters find an ancient space ship. Thinking it must be one of there own ships from the dawn of the Andro-era they board it, thinking they have hit the jack-pot big-time. They find out too late that is a Cyborg ship the last of there arch enemies that they though they had wiped of the face of the universe. When the ship and its owner start to come out of stasis they find themselves being picked off one by one....That's the basic Idea, nothing original I know, but I hope to throw in a lot more than just that.

Here are some of the early test renders.

In most cases I have used a lot of Xpresso rather than key framing the animation.

For example the in the Computer Room only the camera is key framed everything else is controled by Xpresso. The same is true of the Pin Wheel printer, it is all Xpresso. The advantage of using Xpresso like this is that you can srt -up repetative tasks (like the flashing lights in the computer room) and just leave it to do its thing. You can always add some control sliders to adjust things like speed of the flashing or the brightness of the lights and one speed control or brightness control qill affect all the lights....I can not think of a more practical way of managing somany light!!