Here is a selection of my music that I have done over the years.

All of these track were done before I started using a computer for my music. Some of them were done over twelve years ago, the latest was done round about 2005. My mucial heroes and heroins are; Bo Hanson, Nico (Velvet Underground Nico, not the other Nico) Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, David Bowie, Curved Air and Pete Knight. With Bo Hanson and Nico being by far the biggest influence.

The Mountaineer. Dance/Rock. I had just got a Behringer Modulizer which included a vocoder, so I just had to use it!!

 5#. Instrumental.

 Red Fields. Quite an old track, very Bo Hanson-ish.


LD50. Rock with a bit of dance in it.


Night Child. Another instumental rather laidback and jazzy.


Willo' The Hanged Men. Another old Instrumental, rather cinematic,  I did toy with the idea of doing a short animation for it but, the sound, especially the strings have dated badly,


Down load for personal use only.

5#.MP3 [4.99Mb]
LD50.MP3 [5.28Mb]