Important Notice regarding all Cinema4D Textures
All the Cinema4D textures were designed to use Bobtronics Toony plugin. This plugin is not compatible with R11.5's new render engin (which is as now as fast as a fast thing on rollerblades) . Please download the alternative. You will need to copy and past the Illumination chanel from this material to the Illumination chanel of the textures material.
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January 21, 2010
This where your feed back can help improve this site.

I hope to add lots of  free content to this website but there is not much point unless I know what people want. So, please let me know.


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May-27 8:26am

Thanx for sharing! I enjoy those materials very much :o)


May-29 10:39pm

Thanks Rupart.<br /> If there is any type of texture you, or anyone else would like, just ask. I cant promise but Ill see what I can do.<br /> <br /> Regards Bishka