Please note: Some of these files are quite old, and the modeling perhaps not quite upto standard.

However, all of them should be fine provided the camera does not get too close. 

 Flowering July to September. This plant is common on waste ground across Irland, Endland, Wales and from spain to Germany, it growing in clusters and is also known as Aarons Ron. 

Flowering Arpril to June.  Grown in dence swaths in wood land across Irland, Wales and England.  [673.32K]

Flowering March to June, Fruiting August to September, someimes fruiting into Octobet or later if the weather is mild. Grows on wast land over most of the UK thought less common in Scotland.  [1.07Mb]  [5.46Mb]  [912.27K]

Flowering May to June.

Common in woodland through out the UK 

dog  [976.83K]

Flowering from April onwards, Common through out the UK 

Please Note for this scene file you will need the Baum Objekt plugin 

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