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This is a Windows Media file. Mac users might want to lokk at this  Which I am given to understand will allow Quick Time to play Windows Files....Use at your own risk!!

The Jailer. I spent about two and a half years on this all in all....There was a lot to learn(LOL). I know it is not perfect but I hope you like it all the same.


It was made in Cinema 4D, I used the Baun Objekt plugin for most of the trees. The landscape was made with a hight map I created in Twisted Brush  but I also used Sculptris to add more detail.  Most of the textures were made with Twisted Brush, (a few with Paint Shop Pro8)

Computer : Quad core 2.4G 32bit with 3G of ram

Sound Track: composed and created in Tracktion2. I used Deva By Design for the female vocals. Soft Synths: Kontakt2, Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Astralis Orgone, I also used Rayspace by Quick Quack.

Video for Windows (.WMV) 

If you can not play the above file, you can down-loag this MP4 if you want to. 

The  [175.13Mb]

Here are two Zip files containing a few models/examples from The Jailer. These examples are mainly of the Xpresso used but they also include modles and textures. So even if, you are not intersted in Xpresso the models and textures might be of some use.

Even if you are not intersted in the Xpresso, or the models there are some textures that might come in handy. Anyway, hope this is of use to some one.